Celebrations on next day of diwali : goverdhan puja, annakoot and padwa

Goverdhan puja

Govardhan puja means pujan of Godhan means cows. Ancient Indian texts say Cow is equally sacred to river Ganga and godess Laxmi. The way godess laxmi provides peace and prosperity cow also provides good health by its milk and ox helps in plughing fields that way cow is respectable for whole human race. To show the respect towards cows on fourth day of deewali celebration which is Kartik shukla ekam. On this day there is also the provision of priesting Govardhan hills and people from everywhere comes here.

Story of Goverdhan Puja:

There is a mythological story behind Govardhan Puja related to Lord Krishna. Its said that once Lord Krishna played a leela to destroy the ego of Lord Indra. In Brij there was a tradition of worshiping Indra every monsoon but Lord Krishna asked all Brijwasis not to offer any prayers to lord Indra in that particulat year and worship Goverdhan hillock instead of Indra. That made Indra very angry and he sent diluge to submerge whole Gokul but Lord Krishna uplifted Govardhan parvat and saved Gokul from 7 day night log heavy rains sent by Indra and finally Indra realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness from Lord Krishna. In Brij goverdhan puja is celebrated in commemoration of this event.

Goverdhan Puja Vidhi:

On this day Brijwasi worships Goverdhan hillock . applies mehandi and colors on cow and ox. Decorates them with new cloth piece and ties new rope to them. Jiggery and rice are given to cows and ox.


Padwa is celebrated a day after deewali as its believed that on this day King Bali came out of patal loka and started ruling bhoolok again as per the boon given to him by lord Vishnu. So the day is also popular as Bali padyami. This day is also celebrated in memory of coronation of King VIkramaditya and Vikram samvat started from this day.

Gudi Padwa:

This celebration is symbol of love between husband and wife. The newly married daughter and her husband is invited home for special meal and gifts are given to them. Brothers are sent to fetch their sisters home for this day. As the next day is celebrated as Bhaiduj or yamdwitiya.


Annakoot means the mountain of anna or food. People cooks whole night different varities like 56 or 108 dishes and offers to lord Krishna in bhog. The Krishna statues are dressed with shining attires and heavy jewellery of dazzling diamonds, rubies, pearls and other precious stones. After traditional worship and prayers varities of food is raised in a food mountain in front of deities and then devotees take prashad from this annakoot.



Diwali Festival

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