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Dusshera, Dushera or Vijayadashmi  is celebrated in whole of India - North, south, East, Western India. The festival season start with Navratri which is 10 days before Dusshere.  During these 10 days Navratri functions are organized, Ramleela is played across the country. Ramlila play is staged between 8 PM to 12 PM - in which whole story of  Lord Rama, Ravana are displayed. Story starts with Lord Rama birth, then Sita Swamyaar and then take the journey of Lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita maa going to exile. On 10th Day of Ramleela Lord Rama kills Ravana.  Then Dusshere is celebrated. On the Vijayadashmi, Dusshera day status/effigy of Ravana and his brother are erected.   Member who play Rama, Lakshman in Ramleela throw fire and burn effigy.  The dussera is celebrated in small groups and in huge crowd.  Each city at least have 1 big Dusshera ground.  In these cities thousands of people get together to watch dusshera.


during 9 days of Navratri, Ramleela - atmosphere is very religious.  Many people only eat vege food during Navratri.  Only on day of dusshera people again start to eat non-veg. 

After the Dusshera - people eat sweets like Jalebi, Gujia.  The sweets shops are so full that people have to stand in queues to get fresh made jalebi.



There are special tradition, celebration of Dusshera in UP, Mysore, Bihar, Rajasthan. Mysore celebration is vary famous for Dusshera.